• Plixio’s Piano Stickers enable learners to start playing and memorizing notes right away. New learners will quickly and confidently be able to play songs and make music with the help of our stickers!

  • These fast application, transparent adhesive stickers are easy to use and easy to remove. Our clear, color coded stickers stand out against piano keys, enabling learners to quickly see notes while playing

  • Beginners will be able to see not only the notes of each key, but our stickers will show them where each note falls on the staff

  • These stickers can be applied quickly and easily. All you need to do is make sure your music keyboard or piano is clean and that you are properly aligning your stickers

  • Each pack of Plixio adhesive piano stickers comes with enough stickers to fit a 49, 61, 76 and 88 key music keyboard or piano

  • Learning to play the piano requires hours of practice and memorization. For many beginner and novice piano players, one of the greatest setbacks is memorizing the placement of the keys

    Plixio’s Piano Stickers were designed to make learning the piano easier. With these transparent color coded stickers, new learners can jump right in and focus on learning to play songs and to read music while naturally memorizing key placement

    One of the main reasons people stop learning to play the piano is because they become quickly discouraged and frustrated with all of the components that comes along with learning a new instrument. We want to give aspiring musicians the tools they need to effectively practice and memorize the placement of piano keys

    To apply these stickers, you will need to ensure that your piano surface is clean and free of smudges, dust or dirt. Then you will want to locate Middle C and start applying the stickers outward from there. Please ensure that you are properly aligning the stickers and that you refer to the instruction book provided in your sticker pack. This instruction booklet will teach you how to locate Middle C and will instruct you on different application techniques

    Plixio Piano Stickers for 49 61 76 & 88 Key Music Keyboard- Beginners Removable Colored Key Note Stickers - B076H9MGS8

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    Plixio Piano Stickers for 49 61 76 & 88 Key Music Keyboard- Beginners Removable Colored Key Note Stickers - B076H9MGS8

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